Knitting is one of those things I think anyone can learn to do.

There's such a difference between knitting easy patterns with one color and really difficult and intricate patterns with multiple colors.

I can knit. But not the more difficult things.

I still think everyone can knit, it doesn't have to require to be able to knit intricate patterns, you'll get by just fine if you learn a couple of simple patterns. With knitting there's a level of knowledge for everyone.

I've realized that I can't master everything, but if I can manage to produce what I need it's good enough for me.

I believe in finding what is useful for me and then sticking to it as long as I'm happy with what I do. I've knitted both socks and mittens for years. I also knit big shawls, like the easiest one possible. They make a great pattern by themselves, I don't have to do anything besides buying a nicely multicolored yarn. I really like multicolored yarns so I usually buy them anyway.

You might ask yourself why I even bother writing about it if I can't teach anyone to be a master knitter. Wool is one of the best materials in the world if you ask me. I do a lot of different crafts using wool, but for my family there's nothing more caring I can do than make sure they have proper homeknitted socks and mittens. I can truly see how useful it is for me to be able to knit socks and mittens and that's my point. I can do it myself.

I'll share a few links just to get you started. If you're completely new to knitting there's no reason why you couldn't learn on your own, but it's easier if someone actually can share how to and help you by showing how it's done. I tried making a different kind of heal a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit that I couldn't do it. I couldn't get the pattern I was reading to match the results I got so I stopped trying and used the same pattern I've always used.

I can however tell you a thing or two about the benefits of using wool. I use wool clothing because it's the best I can find to keep myself warm. I use wool as a layer when I dress for cold weather and I also use other knitted items because anything knitted has the ability to form a layer of air that can warm up from your own bodyheat. When I'm really cold I use a cardigan and than I put another layer on top. That way the air in the garment won't escape, it acts like a insulation that heats up from your body. Wool also has the ability to keep you warm even if it gets wet or damp. I only use wool socks during winter because it allows the feet to breathe, I often have really cold feet and the only thing that works for me is wool. If you buy socks, make sure that it has at least 80% wool, if your anything like me I'll go for up to 95%. Don't use other materials closest to your feet if you tend to freeze, instead find a good pair of wool socks that are thin enough to layer if you need two pair of socks in your shoes.

The best wool you can find has the lanolin left in it, I use a washing detergent with lanolin so that it doesn't lose any of the natural benefits of the wool even when washed. Wool also has the ability to clean itself if hung outside, meaning you don't always have to wash it.

These videos will get you started! It shows the basic that you'll need to learn if you want to start knitting.

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