reuse, reduce & produce

I find myself more and more thoughtful of things I buy and things I throw away.

I try to reduce everything that is single-use and replace it by either making things myself or buying reusable or more invironmental-friendly items. I also like the idea of using what I already have access too, like fabric scraps from previous sewing projects or discarded clothes.

Historically people didn't let anything go to waste. They reused fabric as long as there was parts that wasn't worned and they mended the clothes they had because they had no other choice, but it was an admirable skill to be able to make the best of what they had. Times are different today, but the mindset they had are still useful. Like mending worn heals on wool socks and using fabric scraps for beeswraps and rags for our kitchen.

I've also discovered that many of the zero-waste ideas are frugal and some are useful to reduce the items we believe we need to have.

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