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About three years ago we decided to build our own cabin in the woods.

This property is owned by my hubby and his siblings and it's their father's birthplace, somewhat remote and for some of the cabins surrounding the lake there's no road so you can only access it by boat, snowmobile or on foot. We built our cabin by the small road leading to the property and that was a great decision for us.

I'll take you along this journey and show how we use this small cabin for offgrid-living, what we use and how we approach the necessities and address problems that we stumble on.

To give you a better understanding I'll tell you a little bit more about the cabin itself.

This is the cabin before we added a small porch, it's a really small cabin with a tiny sleeping loft. The outside is 4,4x4,4 metres, just the right size for me and my hubby since our grown children prefers to stay at home guarding the cat.

We built a small outhouse and it's nothing fancy about that just yet. I do have some plans for improvement that I'll share when that actually happens.

But for now we are finishing off the cabin interiors by adding kitchen, stairs and a small bathroom. No, no running water. No electricity. No dug well or other source of water other than the lake and what we can bring.

It's well insulated and I'm hoping to spend a lot of time there this winter.

Actually, I can't wait for colder weather so that I can get to fall asleep to the sound of a fire in the wood stove.

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