What can I tell you about me?

Hi there! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my neck of the woods. I live with my family in the northern parts of Sweden in a small village below the arctic circle. We are a family of four, living in an old swedish two-story house with a wood stove and drafty windows.

I started learning about homesteading about two years ago. It looked very much like a dream to me, to be able to work for yourself and maybe even live off grid.

I think the point where it all got to me was when I realized that I actually can do this myself.

I still dream of off grid living, but I've come to my senses and realized that at this point it's not for us. There's still so much I can do.

I'm turning our garden into a vegetable garden so that I can grow as much food as possible. Gardening is a slow process, especially if you're on a budget. I'm learning to do more things instead of buying them, cooking more from scratch and replacing items we normally would buy. We also started to heat our house on wood instead of relying on electricity and that saves us a lot of money. Everything I've read and learned about this last few years has truly changed my view on life. I don't feel the urge to get a better job to make more money, instead I'm reducing costs so that I can work less and make more myself. Growing food and reducing costs is also a way to provide for my family and that's something I feel happy to work towards.

I still have so much to learn, there's a big difference between knowing how something is done and actually doing it to get by. Self-sufficency isn't really the final goal, it's more about making changes where we can.

You can find articles about what we do by following the links at the top. I hope you'll find something interesting.

Thank you for stopping by.


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